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What's New

Bellshill Country Rock and Blues band Full Tonne Kidd signed a recording agreement with independent Glasgow record label PDR Records which will see the country quartet release a series of singles, the first of which is titled ‘I Dodged a Bullet’ and is due out in late August. All the support FTK receive is valued and the aim is to let as many people hear the music created from this agreement for as close to free as possible. PDR Records owner Paul said ‘I started this label to help share FTK’s music with as many people as I can’ and ‘the first single is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, I just had to get involved’

The Band

In 2011 FTK’s co-founder Colin Fullerton was approached by The Local Council and asked if he could help some local people in tough personal circumstances, who were attending therapy groups, by turning the stories they had written about their experiences in to songs. Loving a challenge and the opportunity of a new project Colin immediately approached other FTK founding member Gary ’Gigs’ Carmichael. Together Fulerton and Carmichael began crafting songs from the stories which had been passed to them on hand written pieces of paper and very quickly realised that the songs were coming together but they needed more oomph and there was only one man they wanted. bass enthusiast Bryan Ferrie agreed to join and the foundations were set only to completed a short time later by off-beat master Damian McLaughlin on drums. A few of the songs which were recorded in these initial sessions even made it to final cut of FTK’s debut album Candy Apple which was released in early 2012 and has sold over 2000 copies, mostly in Scotland. Blues Bunny Music Reviews said “Candy Apple is an absorbing debut release from the Glasgow-based quartet. ”

The Sound

Full Tonne Kidd are all about melody and story telling and the best way they have found to bring it out in themselves is through country and blues. 2 guitars working as one driven by energetic bass lines and subtle beats creates the back drop for the harmonised vocal delivery from the bands 3 singers as they weave the story told in the carefully chosen lyrics. Carmichael describing the bands forth coming release I Dodged a Bullet as ‘a song about that head case you used to go out with years ago that seemed fine at the time but when you look back now you think…..’. 

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