Americana Music in Scotland

Full Tonne Kidd

Country Blues Band


Demos, Memos & Collaborations

by Full Tonne Kidd

This is a growing collection of music which we will be adding to over the coming months.

1. A Visit from Anna - Recorded by Paul Witheyman. This is an instrumental guitar melody piece written & performed by Gary Carmichael.

2. Roseanna - Written by Stephen Maguire, recorded at Transmission Room Studios and engineered by Steve J Reilly. Stephen Maguire is a good friend of Full Tonne Kidd so when he was looking for some guitar for his new recording Gary Carmichael obliged. 

3. Tell My Woman (Early Draft) - Written by Colin Fullerton, this is an early demo recording of the track that ended up on the album Candy Apple.

4. Morning Star - Written & Performed by Eryn Strachan, Morning Star was recorded for Eryn's album Jade, Bones & Katie Jones. Gary provides the male voice for the duet.

5. Rock Bottom (Acoustic) - When originally  conceived and recorded, Rock Bottom had no electric guitars but once the track had been played back a few times it was agreed that the song lacked teeth. The parts were later re-recorded and the finished song can be heard on Candy Apple.

6. Don't Go Looking - This song just never really sounded right and probably never will. Gary Carmichael on all guitars and bass with Liam McGorry on drums.

7. A Thousand Lives - Written by Adriana Spina for the EP of the same name and later re-recorded and included on her debut album Never Coming Home. Gary plays electric guitar on this track.

8. A Creature Of Habit - Music written by Dave Ambrose and Lyrics and Arrangement by Gary Carmichael. This was an almost blank canvas given to Gary in London by Dave to try and create something with. The song has long since sat in the dark. 

9. Chill Oot Man - Written & performed  by Gary Carmichael this is a Scotsman's  interpretation  of Ibiza chill out.

Full Tonne Kidd 2017